Organizational Consulting

Leverage to Lead was founded on helping women and people of color learn how to leverage their difference to impact their organizations and, ultimately, their careers. Our work with individual clients led to repeated engagements with organizations that understood that leveraging the talents and differences of their employees results in higher productivity and stronger teams.  Those organizations wanted the insight that Leverage to Lead had developed by engaging one-on-one with their clients of color.

It takes more than commitment to sustain diversity, apply equity, and sustain inclusion. Organizations committed to cultivating diversity and building teams that reflect a range of ages, religions, experiences, nationalities, ethnicities, and gender identities—have to commit to strategic leadership, an examination of their values, refined policies and practices, and continued personal and professional development. 


At Leverage to Lead, we have researched and developed a process under Leverage to Lead that helps our clients create diverse and equitable plans and practices with audacity, not apprehension.  Together they bring over two decades of experience in human resources, employee engagement, individual and group coaching to open space for all perspectives, with topics and presentations that underscore the personal relevance of diversity for everyone and every role at your company.


It’s not until we can see previously invisible structures, bias, and obstacles that we can truly contend with their repercussions. Through in-depth research of history, industry practices, and developing trends, we bring to light the many kinds of hidden issues that can hinder collaboration and success.  True diversity, equity, and inclusion require us to go beyond organizational “best practices” and get to the heart of building DEI policies, practices, and relationships that have a powerful and lasting impact on individuals, teams, and your organization’s entire ecosystem. Leverage to Lead is committed to establishing clear, specific, and actionable goals with every engagement. Teams walk away from our work ready to take the immediate and ongoing action that sustains the health and integrity of real organizational diversity. 


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