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Short Bio:

Jennifer McClanahan Flint is a consultant, executive career strategist, and the founder of Leverage to Lead. She helps women and people of color build careers with audacity rather than apprehension, and she helps organizations build environments in which women and people of color can thrive.


Long Bio:
Jennifer McClanahan-Flint is an Executive Career Strategist & Consultant and the founder of Leverage to Lead. Before starting her business, she worked on Wall Street in Investment Banking Recruiting and then spent 15 years as a Law Firm Administration in national firms with a focus on business development and human resources. 

Since 2010, Jennifer has advised hundreds of leaders on how to leverage their talents and differences to help them navigate bias, negotiate their compensation, and expand their careers. Her work helps people face their careers with audacity rather than apprehension.

Learning to leverage your difference is one of the greatest skills you can develop.

Jennifer’s work with individual clients also led to repeated engagements with organizations that understood that leveraging the talents and differences of their employees results in higher productivity and stronger teams.  These organizations wanted the insight that Jennifer had developed by engaging one-on-one with her clients of color.

Jennifer built a process under Leverage to Lead that helps organizations create diverse and equitable plans and practices by opening space for all perspectives. She designed presentations and professional development training that underscore the personal relevance of diversity for everyone and every role in an organization.

Jennifer’s work as an Executive Career Strategist & Consultant has led her to support people across banking, legal, tech, medical, and education industries and sectors. She has worked with clients from large organizations such as Baker McKenzie, Skadden, Reed Smith, DLA Piper, Georgetown University, GAP, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, Salesforce, and Google to entrepreneurs building their practices and companies.


She has presented at the Gap, Skadden, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, NALP, CATDC Leaders of Color Conference, Foley & Lardner, The Branson School, and Headlands Center for the Arts. Jennifer also co-hosted the three-day Antidote Retreat for Women of Color and designed and presented a Building Audacity Career Planning Day.
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Kelly Diels' Masterclass, Leveraging Your Difference is a Career Power Move 05/15/2020

Break Concrete Podcast, Leveraging Your Difference and Building A Career with Audacity  05/12/2020

Duke's Fuqua School of Business, Women in Male-Dominated Fields Panel Presentation 11/21/2019

The Anxious Lawyer Podcast, Leaning into Diversity  02/05/2018

Press Mentions

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