Your career is more than a series of jobs.

I completely fell into law firm management. I started my corporate career on Wall Street recruiting Investment Bankers. When I moved back to sunny California, I landed in Investment Banking. It wasn’t a fit, and I found myself recruiting lawyers for Skadden, a New York-based law firm in Silicon Valley, at the height of the dot com bubble.  


Eventually, I began managing Skadden’s Northern California offices — not because I dreamed of doing it, but because the firm offered me the position and I figured it was the next, best move.  Eight years later, I had moved firms, and was still waiting for the next, best move to be offered to me.  


In 2010, I understood that I needed to be inspired by my work. I slowly realized that no one was going to offer me inspiration; I had to be the spark. I needed to be the spark for myself and other women and people of color who wanted meaningful, financially rewarding careers.    

At this point, I consciously began to design my career and my business with intention. I was clear about my next step. I worked to position myself in this industry and I became very clear about what I wanted out of my career and my life.


Learning to leverage your difference is one of the greatest skills you can develop.

As an Executive Coach and Career Strategist, I work primarily with ambitious women of color to help them navigate bias, compensation, and their career progression so they can continue to rise. Through my work at Leverage to Lead, I have created a process to help clients get clear about what they want out of their careers and build a plan to get it. I work with my clients to help them stop trying to fit in, and start identifying how their difference is the key to their continued success.  

My work is designed to help people face their careers with audacity rather than apprehension. When we build audacity, we combine the power of personal leadership; the consciousness of the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion on our careers; and the ability to make choices and take action. Clients work with me to build a career strategy that is rooted in clarity, value, and authenticity.  It is a strategy that enables them to confidently navigate through uncertain times in their careers. 

My work as an Executive Coach and Career Strategist has led me to support people across banking, legal, tech, medical, and education industries. I have worked with women from large companies such as Citibank, Baker McKenzie, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, and Google to entrepreneurs building their own practices and companies. 


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