How I Work

Are you the only woman or person of color in your office?


If not, then you probably are one of a few.


How do you feel about it?


Do you embrace your difference? Or do you try to compensate for your difference by being accommodating?


Many of us try to fit in at work. It’s natural.


People want to feel they belong and are liked by their peers and colleagues. But I’m not sure that fitting in is the best tactic.  Let’s be honest: You’ll never be just like the current majority in corporate environments. Even more importantly, do you really want to be?


So, you have a choice: You can try to squeeze yourself to fit in or you can embrace being the only.


If you are ready to leverage your difference, it is time to get serious and take the next step.


Most people who engage me have established careers and have experienced success.


But are you truly satisfied? Could you be doing even better? The first answer is often no. And the second is almost always yes, much better.


Clients come to me when they know they need clarity about their career goals and fulfillment. They’re finally ready to fight for - and win - what they really want from their work. They’re no longer satisfied with going to the office and making good money but watching game-changing opportunities go to other people.


Winning on your terms, while remaining true to yourself, is as important as the win itself.


I'll help you get there, whether it means winning a new position at a different employer, achieving better compensation, realizing a partnership or equity stake, or gaining a promotion where you already work.


This takes hard work, open communication and most of all, accountability. But these are all absolutely necessary in order to get what you want. It’s unlikely that anyone else has your best interests in mind - or the power to make them happen.


Achieving your goals is up to you. And I’m ready to help.


Nothing can beat your authentic self. If you are unsure what makes you stand out or how to build a plan to get the career you want, email me at Let’s schedule a time to talk.



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