Build Your Career with Audacity, not Apprehension.

You have all the right degrees, you’ve made all the right moves, you’ve worked hard, and you’ve worked smart. And you’ve risen, but not high enough.  

You’ve tried to fit in, and here's the truth, the thing that makes you better is that you don't.  Learn to leverage your difference. 


Events & Services

As a Career Strategist, I work with ambitious women and people of color to help them navigate compensation, bias, and their career progression so they can continue to rise.


Time to Reset Webinar

Monday, March 30

10:00 am - 11:30 am (Pacific)

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Career Planning Day

Save the Date - May 30, 2020.

Building Audacity Ally Program

Starting April 2020

Registrations opens in March 2020

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I work with professionals —  usually women and people of color —  who are senior to C-Level. I help them get clear on what they want to accomplish and stand for in their careers.

When you work with me, you’ll learn how to position yourself, to navigate bias, and to radically uplevel your career. Here’s how.


MY work with individual clients led to repeated engagements with organizations that understood that leveraging the talents and differences of their employees results in higher productivity and stronger teams.  Those organizations wanted the insight that Leverage to Lead had developed by engaging one-on-one with their clients of color.

It takes more than commitment to sustain diversity, apply equity, and sustain inclusion. Organizations committed to cultivating diversity and building teams that reflect a range of ages, religions, experiences, nationalities, ethnicities, and gender identities—have to commit to strategic leadership, an examination of their values, refined policies and practices, and continued personal and professional development.

Let’s Build Something.



San Francisco
San Francisco

“Without a doubt Jen is my secret weapon for success in the workplace.”

“I am building a business and am thrilled to be doing things my way, on my terms. Jennifer has helped me hone in on what really matters to me and has been there, step by step, to make sure I am building the best career for myself.”

Los Angeles

"Since working with Jennifer, my approach to achieving my goals and my direct results did an insane 180 degree flip. She helped me negotiate a signing bonus for a new job and generate multiple job offers."

Building Audacity offers a new lens through which to see your story and know your value, to understand your company environment along with all its constraints and your old coping mechanisms, and to forge a new path forward.


I’m not just talking about salaries or perks. I’m talking about having a career that’s fulfilling, creative, daring, innovative, and yours. The career move you’re ready for isn’t just about a different position or company. It’s a move away from apprehension and into audacity.


I believe that opportunity is all around you; you just need to see it.


Let's connect. This call will help us know if we are a good fit. Whether we choose to work together or not, you will have experienced a mindset shift and will be more aware of everything that’s possible for you.   Email me at to request a consultation.

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